Facilities 4 Families

In 2019, when safety and isolation filled the hearts of our nation, our local community was experiencing intense feelings of uncertainty and desperation as we attempted to protect ourselves and our children from the novel Coronavirus.  Parents and students alike were all carrying the heavy burden of navigating a new way of life.  Living as an asymptomatic carrier only to spread it to our vulnerable loved ones was at the height of our fears. 

As public schools started opening and parents were going back to work, the prospect of physically attending school became a punishing choice for some families.  Facilities 4 Families (F4F) sought to confront this problem by hosting remote learning in a “pod” environment. Our mission was to mitigate the viral spread amongst school aged children by providing a safe and reliable space for remote learning.  As it turned out, children who attended our program had fewer daily exposures than their peers attending on campus; in fact, all our staff and students remained Coronavirus free during its operation.

A very special Thank You to the volunteers and all of our sponsors for your support during this critical time. We couldn't have made this possible without your help!